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The Eva Hesse Retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum in 1972 was a turning point for me as an artist. The material presence of her art transformed my observation of physical material into an internal, sensation based experience. It took me years to grasp the Hesse influence in my own work. Construction became central to my work, culminating in a solo show at the Charles Cowles Gallery in 1980, and the basis for all of my sculptures and paintings.

I was the costume designer for the Robert Wilson production of Parcival at the Thalia Theatre in Hamburg, Germany in 1987. Robert Wilson makes the sublime funny. This experience formed a major shift in my artistic evolution. My other theatrical work includes a male lead role in the Richard Rutkovsky film, Medea Media, lyricist and singer in rock bands, spoken word performances, and a dancer in the Lily Hatchett Paper Grotto performances. Found Object sculpture made an early imprint on me, stemming from my sculptor father, Duayne Hatchett. I make my sculpture with discovered materials from the construction industry. My childhood drawings or the black-and-white photos of my metal clad sculptures, are found materials that generate imagery for my paintings.


2011 Howl Gallery, Ft. Myers FL
2010 Howl Gallery, Ft. Myers FL
2009 Ferrari Gallery, Cape Coral, Fl.
2001 Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn
1994 Farah Damji Gallery, NYC
1991 Souyun Yi Gallery, NYC
1989 Souyun Yi Gallery, NYC
1988 Souyun Yi Gallery, NYC
1984 Diane Brown Gallery, NYC
1982 Roger Litz Gallery, NYC
1980 Charles Cowles Gallery, NYC
1974 Michael Walls Gallery, NYC
1971 Albright Knox Museum, Buffalo, NY


2015 Sculpture, Alliance for the Arts, Fort Myers, Fl
2015 Dark Art, SBDAC Fort Myers, Fl
2014 Miami Art Week, Wynwood warehouse
2014 Grant Recipients, SBDAC, Fort Myers, Fl
2014 FGCU, Fort Myers, Fl
2013 Global Warming Art Report, Fort Myers, Fl
2013 Hatchett3, Indigo Gallery, Buffalo, NY
2013 Hatchett3, Indigo Gallery, Buffalo, NY
2013 Metropolitan, Saks 5th Ave, Dadeland, Miami, Fl
2013 FLOR 500 Region7 Wild Flower Exhibition, Collier S Library, Naples FL
2013 Ft Myers Arts And Culture Grant Winners Show, Alliance For The Arts, Ft. Myers, Fl
2012 Honor, Country and Heroism, SW Fl International Air Port, Lee Co
2012 City of Fort Myers Arts and Culture Grant Recipients Exhibition, Harborside,Fort Myers, Fl
2012 FGCU Group Show, Fort Myers, Fl
2011 FGCU Group Show, Fort Myers, Fl
2011 Miami Art Week, Wynwood warehouse
2010 IONICA Preview Exhibit, GAB Studio, Wynwood, Miami Fl.
2010 Global Warming Art Report, Fort Myers, Fl
2009 Art Art, Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center, Fort Myers, Fl.
2009 Global Warming Art Report, Fort Myers, Fl.
2008 Digital Plus, Alliance For The Arts, Fort Myers, Fl.
2008 Other Spaces, Fort Myers, Fl.
2004 Clinton Hill Arts Festival, Brooklyn
2003 Eugenia Cucalon Gallery NYC
2002 AJITA The Station, Houston Texas
2000 All Media Gallery, NYC
1999 Chi Meat Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
1999 Side Show, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
1998 Ten Sculptors/Ten Composers, Exit Art, NYC
1998 David and Lil Hatchett, PMW Gallery, Stanford, Ct.
1989-97 Art Around The Park, NYC
1993 Farah Damji Gallery, NYC
1990 Souyun Yi Gallery, NYC
1989 MICRO SCULPTURE University of Rhode Island, Fine Arts Center. Curator: Willoughby Sharpe
1989 GRAFIK GRAFIK Manhattan Community College, Triplex Gallery, NYC
1988 ALUMNI SHOW, Buffalo NY
1987 PARCIVAL Costume Design for Robert Wilson Production, Thalia Threatre, Hamburg, Germany
1987 BIGGER and DEFFER Mission Gallery, NYC
1987 ABC No Rio Gallery, NYC
1986 MODERN MODERN, Mission Gallery, NYC
1986 Artists For Medical Aid to Nicaragua, El Bohio, NYC
1985 Malinda Wyatt Gallery, NYC
1985 Six Sense Gallery, NYC
1985 The Rivington School, No Se No, NYC
1985 Lattitude Art, NYC
1985 SIX SCULPTORS, Mission Gallery, NYC
1985 EUTHANASIA, Mission Gallery, NYC
1985 COLLABORATIONS Alternative Museum, NYC
1984 One Stop Gallery, NYC
1984 Exit Art, NYC
1984 COLOR AND LIGHT 909 Third Ave. Mendik Co. NYC
1984 Art Against Apartheid, Afro Arts Community Center, NYC
1983 PREPARING FOR WAR, Brooklyn Army Terminal, Brooklyn, NY
1983 Nina Freudenheim Gallery, Buffalo, NY
1982 DYNAMIX The Contemporary Arts Council, Cincinnati, Ohio
1981 MOONLIGHTING Jerry Josef Gallery, NYC. Cur. Carol Ann Klonarides


BFA University of Buffalo
MFA Rutgers University


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